Teen Support Group.

CALM DOWN KIDS helps middle and high school teens with anxiety and depression build skills for mental health success.

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Who is group for?

Members are taught skills to manage anxiety and depression, including:● how to get rid of negative thoughts and improve self-esteem● learn how to control their emotions● develop healthy relationships with others● improve communication skills● increase self-care and healthy habits

How will my teen be supported?

Phone Coaching.

Your teen can contact the group leader to practice skills taught in the group.

Weekly Mood Tracker.

Each week your teen will track their mood and use of skills to see their progress.

Parenting Support.

An online parenting support group to learn and practice DBT skills is open to you.

What is group about?



Teens will learn to be more mindful to calm and soothe themselves, so they don't feel like everything is falling apart.


Emotional Regulation

Teens learn how to talk about emotions, manage their feelings, and take care of themselves so that they have the strength to deal with challenges. 


Distress Tolerance

Instead of reacting in unhealthy ways, teens learn what to do when they feel stressed to help them stay safe, move past the things they can't control, and focus their energy on the things they can control. 


Interpersonal Relationships

The Interpersonal Relationship Module focuses on helping teens learn skills to improve their relationships with others.


Walking the Middle Path

This section teaches teens that they can both change and accept tricky situations.


Building a Life Worth Living

Group members focus on learning how to thrive and accomplish their goals while taking on a leadership role.

Rolling Admission Groups

We are currently accepting clients for middle school and high school groups.


Initial Assessment


60 minute session one-time fee

Assessment of need & best fitDevelopment of a treatment planCollaborate with service providers

Group Sessions


60 minute sessions

ages 12-14 and 15-17 5-6 members per groupopen to all genders and orientationsgroups are in-personall materials and snacks providedparent DBT at home support group