We help stressed-out parents with upset kids.

CALM DOWN KIDS provides psychological testing and therapeutic assessment for 0 to 16-year-old children whose parents are concerned with their child’s behavior and school success.

Seeing your child's self-esteem drop because they are having difficulty can be heartbreaking.Do you feel clueless about how to help?

You Are Not Alone!

It's time to find new approaches to help your child succeed.


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Make things better.

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Get Off the Struggle Bus.

Imagine walking away feeling confident that you understand your child's diagnosis, can advocate for their needs, and know what to do at home to make things better.

Assessments can:● Tell us what a child cannot and does not know how to tell us● Provide a deeper understanding in less time than therapy● Aid in treatment planning and reduce the time spent in therapy● Scientifically back up the therapist's interpretations of what is happening● Provide a diagnosis necessary for educational and behavioral services

Here's what others have to say...

“Dr. Turner's workshop was interesting and packed with practical, relevant information, and strategies that parents could use right away. Parents left feeling they had something tangible to work with. Definitely a win for our families!”

Dr. Lori Johnson


Aimee Alling

School Director
Big Sur Charter School

Alisha Sweyd

Marriage & Family TherapistLMFT, CFRC, CCTP

Types of Assessment



Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex set of symptoms that challenges a child’s ability to make and keep friends.



Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has two distinct implications on a child’s development: inattention and/or hyperactivity. 



Learning disorders, like dyslexia, are challenging in today’s fast-paced school environment.