Don’t you wish they came with a manual?!

CALM DOWN KIDS provides psychological testing and therapeutic assessment for 0 to 16-year-old children whose parents are concerned with their child’s behavior and school success.

Meet Our Psychologist

Dr. Tsunami Turner, PsyD | Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PSY32987


I have been working with children my whole life and bring a unique approach to supporting children and families through the assessment process. At our center, we work with parents, families, and children from a person-centered perspective. Parents come here because they know their children aren’t happy and the resources and knowledge that they have aren’t enough to help their child succeed. I want you to know that you have not failed as a parent as long as you keep trying and don’t give up. Parenting is the hardest job there is— and it doesn’t come with a manual or employee handbook. You don’t get paid time off or vacation built into being a parent. On top of the usual pressures to be a good parent, what do you do if your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, autism, depression, or anxiety? I work in conjunction with your child’s whole team. Teachers, pediatricians, and especially YOU! My model is unique in that I use various theories and frameworks to guide you and your child on the way to healing, the ultimate goal is for you to be your child’s therapist and the one they go to for help.

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How We Work With You.

It can feel disheartening to struggle for years between not knowing if what you’re seeing from your kid is “normal” and hoping that your parenting abilities are enough to shape and redirect their behavior to fit expectations. There is a lot of pressure to be a parent with obedient kids who are always well put together and mind their manners, but the reality is often the exact opposite. 
Usually, parents feel concerned and frustrated watching their child struggle and feel that getting help means that they have failed as a parent, but that’s just not true. Often parents are on the right track, and just a few small modifications can create great growth and changes in your child and your relationship with them. An assessment is more than just a diagnosis. It’s an opportunity to understand your child on a deeper level, learn exactly what they need to succeed, and provide them with support in all areas of their lives.
Our manifesto at Calm Down Kids is to hold hope for the parents who feel lost, suffering, and powerless to help their children. We hold hope for the children who do not understand their pain. We work together to create deeper connection, trust, and understanding in the parent-child relationship to end unhealthy cycles of intergenerational trauma. Taking an innovative approach to care, we help family members repair their attachment to each other based on their strengths.

I am one who shines light on those who seek nurturance. I am one who lights the way for those lost in darkness. I am one who holds up the light and hope of others so that they can see my reflection of their truths— that we embrace the imperfect and use our recognition of being out of balance to give more meaning to our lives instead of less.

Dr. Tsunami Turner

We work with overwhelmed parents who have kids in emotional pain. Assessment is the fastest, most effective tool for diagnosis. It provides you with increased access to services. It reduces the risk of misdiagnosis, often seen when only a brief screener is given and provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the most challenging areas for your child. We can conduct assessments for children ages 0-16 for ADHD, Developmental Delays, Learning Disorders, Autism, and other complex cases.
Strengths and limitations are assessed using both observational data from parents, teachers, doctors, and any other important people in your child’s life— as well as a few instrumental measures (or “activities”) given to your child to measure their level of functioning and ability in an array of areas: social, academic, behavior, in both the conscious and unconscious level. Although it can be challenging at times for children to complete the activities, we’ve found that most enjoy the process and are willing to try their best.


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Services We Do Not Provide.

We do not provide medication and feel that medicine should be used as the last resort with children in this age group. This is not the place for parents who just want us to “fix” their kids. If you can’t be an active participant in your child’s life, we can’t help you. We currently do not do couples work or adult individual therapy or assessment. We can only provide assessment services for California residents. We do not offer assessments for court purposes.