Trauma-focused Individual Therapy.

CALM DOWN KIDS accepts individual clients ages 3 to 17 years old who have a history of complex trauma, anxiety, depression, and suicidal/self-harm behaviors.


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Discuss your needs.

Speak with a psychologist about your concerns and ask questions about the services offered.


Make things better.

Make a plan for ongoing services and resources. Watch your family transform.

How to Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PTSD is treatable and requires interventions that lessen distress and promote relaxation.



The first step is to assess the level of trauma and associated symptoms. If your child/teen is a danger to themselves, this needs to be addressed first.


Coping Skills.

Once your child/teen has established safety they will begin to learn about trauma and learn skills for managing trauma symptoms.



Next, your child/teen will begin trauma-focused treatment using a variety of techniques to help them learn to stay relaxed and present while processing their experience.



Finally, the reduction of trauma symptoms will be assessed to determine the change in presentation and make a plan for treating continued challenges.

Treatment Options

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

● Learn to recognize their feelings and what to do with those emotions● Learn grounding techniques through mindfulness● Improve relationships with themselves and other people● Know what to do in an emotional crisis ● Increase tolerance of distress

Prolonged Exposure Therapy.

● Reduce avoidance of negative thoughts and feelings● Strengthen the brain for healing● Reduce nightmares and flashbacks● Get rid of unhealthy habits● Confront trauma experience

Brainspotting/ Playspotting.

● Clear out negative thoughts and sensations● Developmentally appropriate healing● Create improved brain health● Increase brain-body connection● Improve understanding of emotions

Appointments available for ages 3 to 17

Initial Assessment


90 minute session one-time fee

● Assessment of self-harm and suicidal behaviors● Assessment of trauma impact● Development of a treatment plan

On-going Therapy + Group


per 60 minute individual session + 60 minute DBT Group

● Individual therapy focuses on desensitization training● Group therapy focuses on developing coping skills

On-going Therapy


per 90 minute session

● Increase the use of coping skills● Desensitization training● Weekly phone coaching between sessions