IQ Testing.

CALM DOWN KIDS provides intelligence testing for 3 to 17-year-old children for school acceptance, giftedness, or intellectual disability.

Impact of Intellectual Developmental Disorder

IQ tests can be used for several different reasons. A diagnosis of intellectual disability requires evidence of both intellectual and adaptive behaviors. This exam can also determine if your child is gifted or twice exceptional. Lastly, this assessment is often used for acceptance into private schools. We provide testing for 3-17 years old. For children under 3 years old, see Developmental Assessment.

Working Memory

Short-term manipulation of information in the mind (e.g. mental math for addition).

Processing Speed

How long it takes to think and respond to a prompt.

Verbal Comprehension

Ability to understand and communicate spoken words.

Adaptive Behavior

Conceptual, social, and practical everyday skills to take care of yourself.

Fluid Reasoning

Think logically to solve problems in new situations.

Visual Spatial

Know where things are in space and be able to manipulate them to create something else.



Step 1. Parent Intake

After you have contacted us and we have had a brief phone conversation to ensure that we are in the right place for your needs, we will schedule an in-office interview. During the interview, we can answer all your questions about our policies, pricing, and process. You will be able to express your concerns and questions about your child that you want to be answered in the assessment. We will gather a comprehensive history of your child, and you will complete brief screening questions that will be used to personalize the tests given to your child.


Step 2. Child Assessment

For the testing phase, your child will come into our office for 2-hour increments to conduct assessments appropriate to their developmental needs. You will receive information on how to talk to your child about the evaluation during the intake. The test will focus on your child's intellectual ability. Your child can also ask questions about themselves and engage in a play observation/interview.


Step 3. Scoring & Writing

It may take some time to compile all the information, observations, and test results into a concise document that answers all of your questions about your child. We ask that you be patient with us. We try to complete the report within 1 week of the completed testing.


Step 4. Feedback Session & Results

Finally, it’s time! We will meet with parents/guardians and their children again for the feedback session. We will review the historical data for accuracy, discuss the testing results, and review recommendations for the school, at home, and continuing treatment. You will receive a summary of your child’s symptoms and areas of strength, diagnosis (if applicable), and any additional testing that may need to be done. In a private or joint session, depending on your child’s age and preferences, we will provide a developmentally appropriate summary of your child’s results. A final copy of the assessment will be mailed to you for your records. Please, please, please take this time to ask any questions. We want you to walk out feeling like an expert in what your child needs.


Tier 1

starting at $600

up to 2 hours of testing

Test scores and summaries are sent directly to schools

Brief summary written for parents

No feedback session

Tier 2

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starting at $1000

2-4 hours of testing

In-depth review of all IQ domains

Detailed report with recommendations

Parent Feedback session

Tier 3

starting at $1400

4-10 hours of testing

Complete review of IQ plus achievement abilities

Strengths-based report with recommendations

Parent & Child Feedback session