Summer Kids Group.

CALM DOWN KIDS helps elementary school children improve their social and emotional regulation skills for mental health success.

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Who is group for?

This group series helps your child with:● making new friends● increasing their emotional vocabulary● discovering tools to calm down● developing techniques to improve mood

Eligible children will:● Be entering 1st-3rd grade OR 4th-6th grade in the fall● Able to participate in an outdoor environment independently● Able to attend once-a-week sessions during the weeks of June 12-July 24

How will my child be supported?

Social Skills.

We use the Zones of Regulation to teach your child lagging skills regarding cognitive flexibility and problem-solving, social thinking skills, and language and communication skills.

Emotional Skills.

We incorporate DBT skills to support emotion and self-regulation, recognizing and labeling emotions, identifying triggers, and knowing what to do with BIG feelings.

Weekly Mood Tracker.

Each week your child will track their mood and use of skills to see their progress. This tracker is a natural way to integrate their new skills at home.

Parenting Support.

Online parenting support emails guide you through using Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) and practicing the Zones and DBT skills at home.

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Occurring the weeks of June 12- July 24 (Week of July 4th off)


Initial Assessment


60 minute session one-time fee

Assessment of need & best fitDevelopment of a treatment planCollaborate with service providers

Group Sessions


90 minute sessions

entering grades 1-3 and 4-6 3-6 members per groupgroups are in-person and held at a local parkall materials and snacks providedguided parent support emails